About Us


I'm a Psychology graduate from the country, born to create. — From a little girl I always had multiple art projects on the go, in love with something different every day. My world was filled with plants from growing our own veggies and fruit to watching Mum grow and care for lush, exotic indoor plants. I have both my parents to thank for my green thumb and my insatiable need for plants and flowers!! It took me a long time through my travels, my degree and trying every form of art I could get my hands on, to realise that my real passion is and always has been flowers. Being a florist fulfills my heart like no other creation ever has. From growing them, to arranging and how they can change the room or make someone's day. Their diversity and nonstop ability to take my breath away is something that I could never put a value on. I have found that thing that makes me so full of joy! I want to thank everyone who believed in me and told me that this is it, on my way to uncovering this very obvious hidden talent. I am so blessed to do what I love and cannot wait to spread this love every chance I get in this new small business venture.

The Wild Garden...

The birth of my beloved 'Wild Garden' came from a place of truth and effortlessness. The name reflects my floral design style and my personality. I am a wild, free, earthy, bohemian barefooted beach bum with a country garden foundation. The Wild Garden is PLASTIC FREE, and all about putting the love and myself in every detail in each design.

I am starting out small but looking forward to everything happening exactly when it's meant to and growing organically and naturally.

My favorite quote to remember while making anything:

"it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" - Christy Hulsey, 2017 Mayesh Design Star.